Duo for Solo Cello and Percussion

Marimba, vibraphone, wood-block, cymbal (suspended),
triangle, (optional) crotales and guiro (or vibraslap)

Duo for Solo Cello and Percussion
Haikus, duo for cello solo and percussion attempts to bring into the musical world the particular aesthetics of the Haiku.

The short poems known as Haiku are in essence very different from the poetic literature of the western world. By bringing together some phenomenon, facts generally gathered from nature, flowers, plants, animals, weather conditions and so, often by creating uncommon associations between them, these lovely short poems act as triggers to create feelings as an "after-effect". Haikus do not tell a story neither they describe personal feelings, rather they trigger feelings. Like a musical instrument which may create "resonances" which are related but somehow apart from the actual notes played.

The piece is not based on any particular Haiku nor a series of them. As there are no real stories in Haiku, there is not any "theme" and "developments" in the piece. Instead the piece aims to create a number of "sound-scapes", short musical "scenes" which are not connected by any thematic structure. Each section can be regarded as one particular Haiku and the piece be listened to as a collection of them.

The interplay of cello and percussion is inspired from the Gagaku music.

Neither the cello or the percussion is accompanying the other. Rather, each instrument takes the musical flow from where the other left and carries it further. Specially the percussion, as it often happens in the Gagaku music, is used as an "amplifier" of the dramatical content. It begins at a particular climax point the cello brought in and increases it further, often not with sheer sound power but with rather more subtle means.

The piece, composed in 2015, is dedicated to and premiered by Mr. Nickolai Kolarov.

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