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The Musical Idea And The Pianistic Thought In The Etudes By Chopin
Thoughts while recording the Etudes by Chopin
The Very Creative Classical Composer: Franz Joseph Haydn
Extravaganza within the classical epoch may be an adequate adjective referring to Franz Joseph Haydn's style. The composer from Vienna, in the course of his last keyboard sonatas, recorded and released a short while ago by myself, never stops of impressing us. (click to read more)...

Two Great Italian Composers Of Our Time: Luciano Berio and Luigi Nono

  1. Luciano Berio And His Major Works
  2. The Social Concerns Of A Great Composer Of Our Time: Luigi Nono
Thoughts In Medieval Islamic World
  1. The "Doctor of Doctors" Ibn Sina, His Life and Work
  2. The Savant Farabi-Alpharabius: Abu Nasr Muhammad al-Farabi
  3. The Beginnings Of Islamic Fundamentalism Or Not: Al Ghazali
Algorithms and LISP
  1. Algorithmic Information Theory Seen By A Composer Of Music
  2. Lisp Is Beautiful The Particular Aesthetics Related To A Programming Language
Two Great Minds Of Judaism
  1. Illiterate Until Forty And Then Becoming One Of Judaism's Greatest Scholars Rabbi Akiba
  2. Short Introduction To The Life And Works Of Maimonides (Rambam)
Pierre Boulez And Iannis Xenakis
  1. Pierre Boulez, Composer, Conductor And Music Thinker
  2. Mathematician, Architect But Essentially Revolutionizing Music: Iannis Xenakis
  3. The Piano Sonatas By Pierre Boulez
Structuralism and Spectralism
  1. Structuralism And Post-Structuralism In Brief
  2. Another Ism in New Music: Spectralism
Musica Judaica, Jewish Emancipation and Moses Mendelssohn
  1. Summary Of Musica Judaica - Jewish Music Introduction
  2. The Jewish Emancipation In The Eighteen And Nineteen Centuries Europe
  3. Moses Mendelssohn And The Enlightenment
Two Masterworks: "The Art of Fugue" by J. S. Bach and the Opera "Moses and Aaron" by Arnold Schoenberg
  1. The Art Of Fugue BWV 1080 By Johann Sebastian Bach
  2. Arnold Schoenberg's Opera: "Moses and Aaron"
Dead Sea Scrolls and Introduction to Jewish Music
  1. The Actual Dead Sea Scrolls Biblical And Extra-Biblical Documents Found In The Fifties
  2. Introduction To The Music Of The Hebrews
An Introduction To The Sephardic Jewish Music
An overview and introduction to the Jewish music of the middle-east, principally known as Sephardic music. Its place in some countries like Greece, Morocco and Turkey.

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